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Keith Domingue On Leadership

The chief financial officer of First Community in Texas talks about questioning authority, the regulatory environment, and the future of credit unions.

By E.C. Harrison

How A Sales Culture Bolsters Non-Interest Income

Michigan’s Genisys Credit Union meets member needs while boosting bottom line.

By Marc Rapport

The State Of Student Lending

Credit unions step up to empower members with responsible student lending options.

Leaders In Outstanding Private Student Loans

At second quarter, outstanding student loans at credit unions grew 16.0% year-over-year. Which credit unions lead the nation?

How To Create A Team That Survives And Thrives

A common language, framework can help turn operational survival into strategic thriving. But getting there takes team development.

The State Of Student Lending

Credit unions step up to empower members with responsible student lending options.

Liz Furman
By Liz Furman


New Records For Membership, Loan Balances, And Originations

How did credit unions perform in second quarter 2016? Check out coverage from Callahan analysts in the Industry Overview section of


Leadership Team Development: Elevating Credit Unions' Daily Operations

Three ways credit union understandings and practices have changed.

Chris Howard
By Chris Howard
How Do You Spell 'Relief'

Both stocks and bonds rallied yesterday on the heels of two central bank meetings.

Dwight Johnston
By Dwight Johnston
Leadership Team Development: Real-World Credit Union Successes

Why participants of the program say Callahan's Leadership Team Development is boosting their performance and success rate.

Chris Howard
By Chris Howard
CUbroadcast Highlights Four States Leading The Nation In Lending

In episode No. 635, Callahan senior industry analyst Michelle Parker shares how credit unions in Iowa, Arkansas, Ohio, and Mississippi lead the nation in mortgage lending growth.

Michelle Parker
By Michelle Parker

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How To Create A Culture Of Accountability Exclusive Content

Seven core cultural beliefs at Vantage West Credit Union shapes a future of "deliberate success."

By Erik Payne
How Alliant Plans To Triple Down On NII Exclusive Content

The Illinois credit union has a lower-than-average reliance on non-interest income and plans to increase those revenue streams in the coming years.

By Marc Rapport
The Year Of The Employee Exclusive Content

How an Iowa credit union took employee appreciation to the next level.

By Sharon Simpson
Credit Union Foundations Are A Vehicle To Grow Membership

Legal fine points for credit unions interested in creating a charitable foundation.

By Kaufman & Canoles

Kaufman & Canoles

How Patelco Credit Union Aligned Its Leadership Team Around Strategy, Language, And Framework

The California credit union gained the framework for team collaboration on innovation through the Callahan Leadership Team Development program.

By Callahan & Associates, Inc.

Callahan & Associates, Inc.

Second Quarter 2016 Investment Trends Review

Continued loan demand draws down investment balances.

By Trust for Credit Unions Mutual Funds

Trust for Credit Unions Mutual Funds

Beyond Blaine

Searching Within Extends To The Board

SECU's board chair says self-examination across the enterprise, including the board, led to the ideal candidate to be the new CEO. And outside help helped.

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6 big ideas for 2016

Which Big Ideas Made Your List?

From cybersecurity and leadership development to financial wellness and relevancy, there are plenty of ideas to inspire the credit union industry in 2016.

See 6 Big Ideas

Callahan Collection

The collaborative model is the best, and perhaps only, way credit unions can compete in the ever-evolving, increasingly competitive world of financial services. Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) are the epitome of cooperative strategy in action. They help credit unions bear the burden of operational costs, find new revenue streams, diversify earnings, and innovate with like-minded institutions across the country. This Callahan Collection looks at both cutting-edge as well as tried-and-true ways CUSOs are supporting the cooperative movement.

Read More

Leadership Team Development: Learning Together Maximizes Successes

Callahan's LTD program combines Harvard Business School learning with collaborative, hands-on problem solving.

By Callahan & Associates, Inc.

Callahan & Associates, Inc.

Deepen SEG Relationships With The Right Messages And Marketing Leadership Content

Callahan & Associates and Debora Almirall discuss how the Duluth-based credit union meets members' needs — don't call it selling — via mobile banking, remote deposit checking, personal and business loans, shared branching, and more.

By Callahan & Associates
2016 Credit Card Management Series — Matching Products To Prospects Leadership Content

In this session, credit card expert Tim Kolk explores how to segment a credit union's member base and ensure card products are designed to appeal to individual segments.

By Callahan & Associates, Inc.

Callahan & Associates, Inc.

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