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Contact Information
1370 Center Dr., Medford, OR, 97501 Phone: 541-858-7328 URL:
RTN: 323274775 Fax: 541-770-3709
Branches: 15  *   View all branch locations
Charter Number: 68660

Performance Profile: (Data as of Jun 2015 )
Assets: $1,006,642,344 
Loans: $779,837,629 
Investments: $166,305,242 
Capital: $102,350,400 
Members: 91,525 
Employees: 310 
12 Month Share Growth: 11.92% 
12 Month Loan Growth: 20.68% 
ROA: 1.68% 
President/CEO: Gene Pelham 
Chief Operations Officer:   
Chief Lending Officer:  
Chief Marketing Officer:  
Chief HR Officer:  
Chief IT Officer:  
Articles About: Rogue
Technology Partners
Data Processor:  
Home Banking:  
Bill Payment:  
Lending/Call Center:  
Credit Card Processor:  
Credit Card Processor (3rd Party Managed):  
Debit Card Signature Processor:  
Debit Card Pin Processor:  

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