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August 14, 2006

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Matt Pfaendler

7/26/2012 04:05 PM

I was interested in your article but am confused by CRM and did not continue to figure out what you are getting at. It might be a good idea for dummies like me to write the full term first before abbreviating. Obviously I am supposed to know since there are many articles on CRM . To me as a pilot this means Crew Resource Management. Sincerely, Matt Pfaendler Director Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union

Craig Clark - Sir Speedy Whittier/University of Phoenix

7/26/2012 04:05 PM

The author is right on when so many firms feel CRM initiatives are great, yet fail to implement a solid plan - thinking "I'll get to it" or "how can I be sure it is financially going to pay a return." One of the most compelling quote I saw (and use in my University Lectures) from the Gartner Group a few years ago - "by the year 2008, 75 percent of businesses will fail to meet the servcie requirements of their customers, and as a result, experience 100% loss of their customer base, every five years." Complelling? - I think so!

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