Oct. 21, 2002


  • I'm pretty sure the point of the articles are to show different approaches some credit unions are taking. It's ok to disagree with the approach, but that doesn't make it irrelevant for others who may be interested in options. Personally I agree that opt-out isn't the preferred choice...but I think many are re-thinking the belief that this may not be a complete 'no-no' or the absolute 'wrong thing to do' when there is already a relationship established between the two parties. Who knows, opt-in may end up being most relevant as a best practice when there is no previous relationship established. Something to think about since views on emerging technologies constantly evolve. We don't ask our members to opt-in to the mailings and marketings we send them. A very good argument can be made for e-mail as it becomes a more standard communication channel.
  • This opt-out practice violates "best practices" in customer service and e-mail marketing and should not be encouraged. Opt-out only programs contribute to cyncism and a disdain for marketers. It is more important to respect your audience/members and empower them than to shove information at them and leave it up to them to make it stop. Not nice at all. Please do not encourage this. So what if it worked for this one credit union, it is the wrong thing to do.