Aug. 12, 2013


  • Good article. Provides insights into the challenges and benefits of limiting terms for directors on CU boards. Perhaps a yardstick board members could apply is look at their photo on the CU web page and then look in the mirror - some board members have been at this for a long time. That is neither good or bad but if we want to attract Gen Y members, we need to have at least one or two board members from that demographic. Thanks for the thought provoking article.
  • Most board members on League boards do not qualify as volunteers. The large percentage are paid managers of credit unions and are being paid for their time away from the work force. A volunteer is someone giving of their time and not being subsidize for their time away from their normal work. Such as vacation and pay. So why are we putting term limits on real volunteers. If term limits are so essential in keeping older or long term volunteers off of the board, than why not put term limits on all CEO's? Especially the long term CEO's? Not that is what I would want but it appears to be your reasoning of term limits