Nov. 8, 2004


  • We are just beginning to think about constructions loans and will be looking for all the information we can get on the subject.
  • In my ever increasing search for money sources, I also have noticed a tremendous need for all types of construction loans. I am a broker in Texas and have been serching for Construction loans in the Colorado Texas area,Duplex and 4 plex investment property type stuff. Is there any sources out there that will do this type of lending. I have to bleive there is, based on your artical (well written) and others I have read about the rise in construction nation wide. Keep up the good work and thank you for this artical. If by chance there are Credit Unions wanting to lend in this market (4 plex, duplex)I am needing a source PLEASE!! let me know. David 972-542-0052 or