Sept. 10, 2012


  • UICCU is smashing everbody out of the water on ROM. They can't be stopped.
    UofI Alum
  • Great question, Jim! You can find your credit union’s ROM score in CUAnalyzer, Peer-to-Peer, or CUSP Online. ROM scoring is updated once per data cycle, so be sure to check your ROM score in March, June, September, and December.
    Rebecca Wessler
  • We love using the Return to Member scoring to evaluate how well we give back to our membership. Although we rate highly, I disagree slightly with the fee income component. We take great pride in our low fees and lack of fees compared to our peers, but we have very high debit and credit card interchange because of very high penetration of both products. While this is included in fee income, it is really not fees to the member. Our fee income score is very low because of this. Just something to consider.
    Daryl Emopen
  • Daryl - thanks for the comment. Fee income and other operating income does indicate member usage of products and is not just a judgement on the credit union's fee schedule. In the ROM calculation though, we do include just fee income as a negative factor. In our experience, most credit unions put interchange income into the Other Operating Income line item on the 5300 so this transaction income is not a deterrent to ROM scores.
    Lydia Cole, Analyst
  • How can a CU get their ROM score?
    Jim Riederer
  • Checking quickly I didn't notice a way to compare my ROM with other institutions OR peer that capability there and I missed it ?

    thank you
    David Lansinger
  • thanks for asking...