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February 6, 2012

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Victor Petroni

7/26/2012 04:09 PM

Good information but fairly old news.

I think what would be more helpful to CU's would be information on: What are credit unions doing to simplify the process for refinancing under the HARP program? What are credit union’s doing to market to their members that HARP refinanced are available @ CU? What are credit unions doing with their own Fannie/Freddie servicing and marketing HARP refinances to their own portfolios? What are credit unions doing that do not sell to Fannie/Freddie - are they looking for correspondent relationships with Fannie/Freddie approved seller/servicers (preferably credit union owned CUSO's) to access HARP loans for their members?

Our CU is an approved seller servicer, owns a mortgage CUSO and are doing everything we can to take advantage of the HARP opportunities that the Gov't has made available to us & our members. We are working to streamline the process, reduce refinancing cost, identify members in our existing servicing portfolio (Freddie actually sent us a list of opportunities they identified!) and work with a vendor to identify members with HARP eligible loans that are currently with others for target marketing and outbound calling.

Hearing what others are doing that is successful would be a great article!

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