Sept. 30, 2002


  • Why Direct deposit? I would use this except my husbands work has not caught up with direct deposit and we deposit his payroll check through ATM. We are in Melbourne, Fl and because our bank is out of Miami we have used automated systems for almost 25 years and it has worked out most of the time except when we need large amounts of cash, but now that we have check cards and almost all business takes them that is not usually a problem. I would be very interested in using your system. I feel like if it was free I would use it. I feel like it is a very good gesture to offer as much as you can for free. When you figure over the years how much money you handle of ours it is nice that we don't have to worry about a couple of dollars here for fees and a couple of dollars there for fees. You and I both know if you don't charge us that it will be taken from other charges for example fees when we take out loans. I know that I just took out a Home equity loan and I went to you because you were the kindest and easiest to work with. I will avoid any and all fees that I can because we don't want to feel that you are nickeling and diming us for your benefit. We want to feel like you are on our side and not trying to take us for all we have. I appreciate all you are doing to help us. I will say that most all of my bills are taken automatically each month from my account through who my creitors are. I don't really know if this would benefit me.
  • Boring... You're way off with your numbers and this article was relevant a year ago but not now.