Jan. 8, 2007


  • When you’re opening a credit union inside a supermarket or department store, it’s almost as if you’re another department within it – deli meats, electronics, cleaning supplies, and cooperative financial services. There’s a blending of identities and customer base – and some of this is what the credit union is trying to capture. The key is to be able to retain enough individual identity so that the credit union is not co-opted by the retail partner. As this trend grows, this is going to be an issue.
  • While it was a good read, your article, like so many other articles, webinars, seminars, etc., are primarily relevant only to community chartered credit unions (of which, by the way, the large and more aggressive variety with no real interest in serving underserved and/or people of modest means will ultimately cause us to lose the taxation battle). It's unfortunate that we SEG based credit unions are exposed to fewer and fewer topics of relevance to our operations and fields of membership.