Sept. 3, 2007


  • The Patelco drug plan has saved my wife a fortune in prescription costs. As a student on one of those mandatory student health care plans issued through the school, the drug benefits were dismal, and the costs of her needed prescriptions could have made it infeasible for her to leave work to begin graduate school. Once again, our credit union proves to be an invaluable asset to us, and when she boosts her income after completing her doctorate, that''s just more money Patelco will be getting in deposits. Indeed, a wise investment on their part.
  • Great ideas - programs that are all about the member are always valuable, but need planning and structure. These credit unions show they are on target with what members need and will appreciate. One way that credit unions can gain more HSA accounts is by ''selling'' this advantage to employers and to health insurance agents. If an agent or benefits administrator or employer suggest a credit union to be the trustee or custodian of HSA accounts, the credit union has greater potential. These programs as profiled here are a benefit too. But the HSA account base will grow as those employers and agents recommend your credit union.