March 3, 2008


  • I''m really excited about all the new products that are coming out! I think it''s going to change the way we do our banking! Check out the latest from CO-OP Financial Services ( They seem to be leading the way for credit unions!
  • We have to tip our hats to USAA, the most "member friendly" bank I know of. The more that we do to make it easy for the member and for us the better. This seems like a technology sure to be embraced by younger members. For purposes of the cu deposit, saved trips to a local bank and faster availability are key reasons to make this change.
  • I''ve heard that CO-OP Financial Services just came out with My Deposit which allows credit union members to deposit checks from home on a regular scanner and that CO-OP''s service includes a web-based back office system.
  • Remember full service gas stations? Now we do it ourselves eleminating all kinds of risks. Remote deposit is the wave of the future. The only people that won''t want it are the older folks that wish there were still full services stations!
  • I agree with Rachel''s comment about self service being the wave of the only question why do we need all these branches?
    Dave Frey
  • This is a great new product. Especially for small business accounts. Check out Eascorps remote deposit product. I've heard it's been in use for almost a year now at several credit unions and even works through your existing shared branching connection by way of a partnership with FSCC.
  • Eascorp's product is called DeposZip and it allows our credit union to make online depositing available to members from their home or offices AND business owners can use the very same platform to make their deposits as well. It's very slick and is a whole lot cheaper than sending members to ATMs or shared branches to make deposits