Nov. 8, 2004


  • Are they truly serving their members' needs or the credit union's? Not offering checking accounts forces their members to use another bank or CU.
  • Interesting. Thought we were basic.
  • Sounds a lot like an old S&L...but that is coming from the largest FULL service credit union in the state...Missoula Federal CU.
  • Are they just an investor's club or are they a credit union? Not offering checking is not serving their members' needs.
  • 19% share growth sounds like their serving their members' needs - plus I'd suspect that some of that share growth is the result of better dividends. Members have a funny way of showing approval with their money. Goes to show that any strategy can be effective if executed properly.
  • Checking accounts can be very costly. Even Whitefish CU has a checking acct with a bank. When banks are paying .5% on a savings acct, WCU (Whitefish credit union) is paying 2% + (lowest it has been ever I think). When was the last time you saw a bank pay that on a saving acct (not a CD). I looked around at some local banks and saw that to get the same yield at bank I would have to put the money into a 2 year CD. At WCU if I need my money it is right there. Plus, if I'm late on a loan payment all I have to pay is the interest, not a huge late fee and all that. Also, if I have a question, I speak to some local, not someone in another country or on the moon. The credit union is just what I need, not perfect, but better than the rest. (BTW-They do have a debit card and bill pay)
  • i love you no frills and i want you 2 marry me but this article is off the charts plz forgive me babe
    frank oliveira