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From the credit union take on current industry events to best practices from outside (and inside) the industry, the latest data to notable trends, you'll find a little bit of everything in this company-powered blog.

Callahan & Associates is known for its thought leadership, and its leaders aren't afraid to speak what's on their minds. What's more, we want to give readers a chance to have their say, too. Check out reflections from Callahan leaders, credit union leaders, industry leaders, and more right here on

Graphic Of The Week
A picture is worth 1,000 words. You have to see it to believe it. Numbers don't lie. If you're tired of these worn-out cliches and are looking for data with some original thought behind it, then check out the Graphic Of The Week, compliments of Callahan industry analysts.

Callahan News is the leading source of data-rich, actionable content for the credit union industry. Now, readers can turn to the site for news about Callahan software rollouts and best practices, updates to capabilities, research reports, and more. Make the most of your Callahan resources by making Callahan News a regular stop on

My Generation
People try to put them down, but today's young adults are forcing all industries to take a close look at how they serve customers and hire employees. The area of financial services is no different. That's why Callahan offers "My Generation," a platform for young writers with little to no experience in financial services to explore this world and share what they learn ... all from a new generation's perspective.

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