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Make the most of planning season with this repertoire of resources based on the insights and strategies of credit union leaders across the industry.


The latest word from the Callahan analyst team.

How To Leverage Data For Better Strategic Planning

Consider these benchmarks and larger areas of interest to enhance the impact of planning season.

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Don't wait for the marketplace to evolve around you.

How Will You Strategize?

Learn how Leadership Team Development and Strategy Lab can help your leadership team step back and focus on issues of strategic importance.

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A CEO Transition 18 Months In The Making

A long-term approach to succession at Tower FCU ensured a smooth passing of the torch at the top level of leadership.

Read more to discover Richard Stafford & Tower's effective succession planning strategy.

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How To Build A Better Team

Turn to team-based learning to achieve the alignment needed to capitalize on strategic opportunities and avoid disruptive threats.

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Guide To CEO Onboarding

Thoughtful advice from eight credit union CEOs on what it takes to be a successful CEO and how to build that success from day one.

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5 Ways To Build A Better Strategic Planning Process

In this leadership webinar, Jay Johnson, partner at Callahan & Associates, offers insider tips on how to create a more engaging, effective strategic planning session. Johnson is an experienced strategic planning facilitator who works with credit unions nationwide, and he's offering his insight on best practices to help any institution make the most of its planning season.

Viewers of this webinar will learn:

  • Who to include in the planning process.
  • How to prepare for a strategic planning retreat or meeting to ensure laser focus.
  • How credit union planning efforts can become derailed or drift off-topic.
  • What the executive team must settle on before planning comes to a close.