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The Two Sides Of The Loan Portfolio’s Delinquency

Loan delinquency has been steadied by a balancing act between rising consumer and falling real estate loan delinquency.

X Marks The Spot

A Texas credit union’s marketing campaign for Gen X women speaks directly to the family CFO.

By Dahna Chandler


How Southern Chautauqua FCU Builds Savings And Futures In Local Schools

High-interest savings programs, financial education, and in-school branches form the backbone of the western New York cooperative’s strategy.

By Marc Rapport


7 Tips To Buy And Sell Real Estate Loan Participations

Two credit union offer up a handful of tips and best practices to succeed in the loan participation space.

By Sharon Simpson


Anatomy Of Boston Firefighters Credit Union

A lean, not mean, operation helps this Beantown, SEG-focused credit union top the charts in member metrics.

By Marc Rapport


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With the new Reader Library, it’s easier than ever to flag your favorite strategies, lessons, and data trends.

3 Takeaways From Callahan’s 2016 Suppliers’ Webinar

What credit union vendors should know about the industry as 2016 kicks into full swing.

Erik Payne
By Erik Payne
March 8, 2016
CUbroadcast Highlights Member Business Lending On The Rise

In episode No. 544, Callahan director of industry analysis Sam Taft talks with Mike Lawson about the increase in member business lending activity at credit unions.

Sam Taft
By Sam Taft
March 4, 2016

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Download Credit Union Strategy & Performance Exclusive Content

Never look for a misplaced issue of Callahan's Credit Union Strategy & Performance again. Downloadable PDF links are available for every issue going back to the pub's beginning.

By Callahan & Associates

June 1, 2017

credit union mortgage strategy
Negative Histories May Not Apply Exclusive Content

More stringent accuracy rules will force credit bureaus to leave liens and judgments out of millions of credit reports.

By Marc Rapport

May 29, 2017


Executive Resource Center

The ERC provides access to tactical documents, policies, and templates that can be pulled off-the-shelf and tailored to fit your credit union. Topic centers focus on 8 key functions:

ATTENTION: Across March we are focused on collecting documents from the following topic areas:

  • Board Governance Policies/Procedures
  • Cyber Security Strategy/Policy
  • Member Surveys
  • Leadership Development Programs



Executive Communities

Building Universal Employees Leadership Content

Purdue's GOLD program turns member service reps into universal employees.

By Callahan & Associates
November 25, 2016
What I Want As A Loan Participation Buyer Leadership Content

In this webinar, Kevin Kesecker, chief lending officer of SECU of Maryland, discusses loan participations and how to structure a deal that is attractive to both buyers and sellers.

By Callahan & Associates, Inc.

Callahan & Associates, Inc.

January 14, 2016
Building A Marketing Plan: From Strategy To Tactics Leadership Content

Designing and properly controlling a credit card program is only worth it if this leads to developing an action oriented and high ROI marketing plan for the business.

By Callahan & Associates
December 30, 2015

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