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Would Your Employees Quit For $1,000?

Inspired by Zappos, First Commerce offers new hires cold hard cash to quit their jobs and find a new one.

Card Conversion Makes For An Intense Year

How converting to a new card processing platform turned out terrific results at a California credit union.

3 Branch Models. $7.5 Million In Savings.

How a shift to universal tellers and a rework of its branches saved WSECU millions.

What Would Musk Measure?

Re-usable booster rockets deliver a powerful lesson about sustainability and strategic thought in the credit union space.

Regional Performance Report: Southeastern Credit Unions

Financial cooperatives in the Southeast exceeded industry averages on both sides of the balance sheet and the income statement.

Members By The Numbers

Looking at the industry's average member relationship, accounts per member, and dividend payout shows the bond credit unions and members share in 4Q17.

Mortgages By The Numbers (4Q17)

Real estate lending continues to dominate the loan portfolio, with 1st mortgage lending taking the largest share.

Maya Neuman
By Maya Neuman
Regional Performance Report: Mid-Atlantic Credit Unions

Credit unions in the Mid-Atlantic excelled in member business lending and also reported above average penetration in credit card and real estate loans.

Ian Melhorn
By Ian Melhorn
Credit Unions Celebrate Financial Literacy Month

The #StopMoneyShaming campaign originating from Philadelphia is one example of the nationwide efforts the movement is leading.

Marc Rapport
By Marc Rapport
Behavioral Economics And Credit Unions Make A Fine Pair

Designing products that serve the "predictably irrational” is the new path to putting members first.

Alix Patterson
By Alix Patterson
Pay To Quit, An Intense Card Conversion, And More

Five can’t-miss data points this week on

Rebecca Wessler
By Rebecca Wessler

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How Millennials Are Changing Their Purchasing Behavior

Mini-houses, alternative leasing options, robust apps, are just part of the opportunity and challenges for serving a generation about to inherit trillions.



Would Your Employees Quit For $1,000?

Inspired by Zappos, First Commerce offers new hires cold hard cash to quit their jobs and find a new one.

By Erik Payne
The State Of Prize-Linked Savings Accounts

Lottery-driven savings accounts through state leagues and individual credit unions add an element of excitement to a positive financial behavior.

By Erik Payne

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Credit unions have turned out phenomenal performance over the past decade. But for the movement to progress, it's time to ask tough questions. 

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