First Entertainment

Contact Information
First Entertainment Credit Union
6735 Forest Lawn Dr., Hollywood, CA, 90068 Phone: 888-800-3328 URL:
RTN: Fax: 323-851-7342
Branches: 11  *   View all branch locations
Charter Number: 68373

Performance Profile: (Data as of Sep 2020)
Assets: $1,784,758,101 
Loans: $1,144,895,535 
Investments: $574,953,518 
Capital: $167,381,274 
Members: 88,972 
FTEs: 257 
12 Month Share Growth: 13.69% 
12 Month Loan Growth: 11.64% 
ROA: -0.08% 
Executives: (ROLE | NAME | JOB TITLE)
CEO: Lisa Landt  President 
Executive Assistant:    
Head of Finance:    
Head of Operations:    
Head of Lending:    
Head of Marketing:    
Head of HR:    
Head of Technology:    
Head of Investments:    
Head of Risk:    
Head of Compliance:    
Head of Consumer Lending:    
Head of Mortgage Lending:    
Head of Commercial Lending:    
Head of Student Lending:    
Head of Collections:    
Head of Retail Operations:    
Head of Payments:    
Head of Contact Center:    
Head of Business Intelligence:    
Head of Training:    
Board Chair:    
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