A Lesson in Cross-Marketing from Reebok

Reebok’s multi-channel marketing campaign demonstrates how to incorporate social media into traditional campaigns.



For those of you engaging in social media (or not), Reebok Hockey set a great example of how to walk members through a marketing funnel across delivery channels. The recent campaign features a teaser commercial (upper clip) of NHL phenom Sidney Crosby and teammate Max Talbot holding a shooting competition featuring a famed clothes dryer in Crosby’s childhood basement in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. The commercial ends with a 4-1 Talbot lead in a first-to-nine competition. To see who wins, viewers must log on to facebook and become a fan of Reebok Hockey (or watch the complete version at the bottom of this blog post!). Users are then subject to hockey related updates via Reebok’s newsfeed as well as responding user posts, which often reaches the 300s. So why is this campaign such a good example of cross-marketing?

  1. Reebok knew its audience and tapped into the cultural roots of the sport – the very basement where the best known player honed his skills.
  2. It provided a tangible value add, or incentive, for the viewers to cross the threshold of passive TV watching to active Internet browsing.
  3. It captured information and subjected the consumer to further influence in the form of facebook blasts. Thus laying the groundwork for more interaction with fans and future marketing successes.

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April 1, 2010

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