And The Winner Is ...

BECU spotlights University of Washington alumni and wins an Emmy in the process.


Fight, Tiger, fight for old Mizzou.
Right behind you, everyone is with you …

Few lyrics engender the fierce loyalty as those of your alma mater’s fight song. And what is more fun than the “Oh yeah? Well, so-and-so went to my school” conversation that dyed-in-the wool fans can only resolve through fisticuffs? (For MU, my list typically includes Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker and actors Kate Capshaw and Brad Pitt.)

 BECU ($10.6B, Seattle, WA), the country’s fourth-largest credit union, struck creative gold when it capitalized on school spirit in its “Bow Down to Washington” commercial promoting the launch of its UW Gold Debit Card. The credit union got some of the university’s most recognized alumni – such as Richard Karn, Rick Steves, Nate Robinson, and Bill Gates, Sr. – to tune up and sing out in support of the Huskies. As an added treat, the song is bookended by saxophone legend Kenny G.

 On June 2, “Bow Down to Washington” took home a regional Emmy Award for a commercial in a single spot. Congratulations, BECU. I bow down to your creative marketing ... but I’ll see your Kenny G. and raise you a Sheryl Crow.



June 20, 2012



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