April Starts With Success Stories

These four credit unions and their achievements seem unreal. Are they?


We try and highlight credit union success stories on www.creditunions.com.  Occasionally, we may miss great achievement or new innovation, so every now and then, we collect a few of these forgotten successes and share them with you.  Here’s a quick look at what some of these amazing credit unions are doing to help their members.

Lima Educational Employee’s Credit Union

Lima, OH

 The student-run branch at William McKinley High School is shining example of the catchy, inspirational, makes-you-want-to-sing-and-dance-in-a-carefully-choregraphed-manner success that LEECU is having.   Board member & student branch advisor Will Schuester cites the installation of a branch slushy machine as one of the many “new directions” the organization has in store for credit union operations.  With several star employees set to graduate at the end of this year, there’s been a lot of concern about this organization’s future.  Still, Schuester is positive, telling his student members “Don’t Stop Believing” in his latest newsletter. 

Bluth Company Federal Credit Union

Los Angeles, CA

Don’t keep your money in a banana stand!  A new Bluth Company FCU branch is FINALLY opening (after what feels like years of constant debate as to whether the institution really needs another presence) in L.A.’s historic Little Britain district. Bob Loblaw, president, CEO and general counsel, has also opened the field of membership to welcome members of the Magician’s Alliance Gothic Castle, Sitwell Enterprises, and the Blue Man Group.  Don’t make a huge mistake on this Final Countdown to savings!

Forks Community Credit Union

Forks, Washington

 The credit union community was stunned when this previously innocuous Pacific Northwestern institution was the nation’s new largest credit union by asset size. The jump occurred when both the local Cullen Medical Foundation and the Quileute Native American tribe transferred their collective assets in what a spokesperson described as a financial “breaking dawn for the greater Clallam County area.”  In a particularly odd move, the CEO of Scotland’s Hogsmeade Village Credit Union, Aberforth Dumbledore, responded by saying Forks’ sudden increase in popularity was “just a fad that would hopefully pass very, very quickly.”

United Federation Of Planets Intergalactic Credit Union

The Entire Universe

Savings: The Final Frontier

This is the purpose of the United Federation of Planets Intergalactic Credit Union.

Its continuing mission: To explore strange new payment systems; to seek out new mobile transaction methods; offer new cooperative financial models; to boldly place ATMs where no ATM has gone before, even Qo’noS (Qapla'!).

We love any excuse to use Klingon in a blog post! Did you fall for any of our other fictitious references? Happy (day after) April Fool’s Day, from Callahan & Associates.


April 2, 2012



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