Be Extra Picky About Your Technology Investments

Credit union professionals should seek out user-friendly solutions that drive faster growth and more revenue.


Today’s tech-savvy credit union members want to be able to do more than just hit the drive-through ATM on their way home from work. For example, many members now prefer to shop for a mortgage via laptop rather than walk into a branch, and credit unions looking to fulfill such expectations will need leading-edge technology solutions to help them meet their goals.

Likewise, credit unions professional should expect the same high level of innovation and performance from the technology tools they themselves use every day. Some of these solutions may be “behind the scenes” from a member standpoint, but are vitally important to a credit union’s operational efficiency and the ability of its employees to deliver first-rate service. That is why it’s important to ask the following questions when assessing potential technology purchases:

  • Are these products easy for employees to learn and use?
  • Did a provider with deep ties to the credit union industry develop them?
  • Are they cost effective for the credit union?
  • Can a single supplier furnish a comprehensive suite of solutions to streamline costs, training and service?
  • Are these solutions easily updated as technology and credit union needs evolve?

The Right Supplier Will Customize Affordable Or Free Programs For Your Credit Union

Some of the most essential technology tools for credit unions include solutions to boost online lending and payment protection sales as well as to streamline employee training and the handling of administrative tasks.

  • Driving Loan Revenues
    If you make it faster and easier for your staff to quote loans and obtain approvals, your credit union will increase its loan revenues. Look for a loan origination technology solution that integrates seamlessly with existing processes. The ideal solution will automate the application, origination, and fulfillment of financial products, and will work fast enough to provide convenient use for members and staff. Best-of-brand solutions may feature real-time loan quotes and streamlined approval, or even the ability to coordinate with a credit union’s website as well as integrate with its existing LOS or data processor.
  • Boosting Payment Protection Sales
    Very few borrowers proactively ask for credit insurance, so credit unions must be sure they are maximizing every opportunity to pitch these products. Again, the easier it for staff to quote the coverage, the more payment protection a credit union will sell. Seek out a custom program that lets employees quote all loan protection packages from a single screen as well as quote more than one type of product, which will eliminate the need for staff to toggle between systems.
  • Provide Continual Training
    Most credit unions conduct in-person employee training at least once a year, but it’s important to supplement these efforts with ongoing learning tools that are readily available to all employees. The most effective and convenient solution will offer a wide variety of classes that are available 24/7 via the Internet.
  • Streamline Insurance Administration
    Do your employees spend too much time on back-end claims processing tasks? The best technology solutions will simplify these efforts and deliver instant, online access to all relevant information. The solution selected should help reduce errors, decrease paper and postage costs, and deliver faster information and insurance checks to increase member satisfaction.

Transamerica offers customized, best-of-breed technology tools to fulfill all these needs and help credit unions work smarter and more profitably.  We also partner with the top technology providers in the industry. Find out more about these affordable, easily updated technology solutions available for credit union service, sales, and administration.

Tom Kazar is the vice president of sales for Transamerica Financial Solutions Group. He can be reached at

Transamerica Financial Solutions Group caters to the needs of credit unions, community banks, and larger financial institutions. We offer specific programs for loan related protection products including marketing strategy, technology, training, marketing support and related services. 


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