1st Person: Managing Communication with Your CEO

What driving factors contribute to a successful working relationship between a CEO and the vice president of marketing?

Vice presidents of marketing need to understand what role the marketing team plays in the organization and have a clear sense of how they are viewed by the CEO. The head of marketing has the potential to be the most influential and valuable member of the management team. They need to understand the overall strategic plan and should be the manager who comes to the table and lays out the map for the rest of the organization.

The marketing team needs to constantly conduct 'strategic intelligence' to capture accurate information about the marketplace and the competition. To gather this information, they will need to use Raddon data, general economic surveys, coupled with consistent feedback from front-line employees, branch managers, and community members. 

Marketing Savvy: 5 Quick Tips to Proactively Managing Communication with a CEO

  • Proactively open and maintain the lines of communication with the CEO
  • Be the source of market 'intelligence' for the management team
  • Strive to understand finance and provide appropriate numbers and metrics
  • Report results monthly (both good & bad)
  • Understand how your initiatives impact the overall strategic plan

John Dolan-Heitlinger's entire interview is available to Premium Subscribers and is also included in the new 2009 Marketing Planner. The interview covers questions such as:

  • If the head of marketing wants to enhance their role at the credit union, what do you recommend they do?
  • What does a CEO specifically look in the optimal marketing plan, to serve as a trusted source for making sound decisions? 
  • What typical metrics help a CEO analyze a marketing initiative?
  • What is the best approach for measuring ROI on a marketing program?
  • What is the best approach to reporting the results of an unsuccessful marketing initiative?
  • And more…