20 to Watch: People

Read up on 3 people who have the potential to change the way the industry operates in 2007.


To wrap up our 20 to Watch series, we bring you 3 people who have the potential to change the way the industry operates in 2007. Read on…

Tom Davis, President CEO NACUSO
NACUSO signaled a major strategic shift in April with the hiring of long-time credit union consultant Tom Davis as its new CEO. Tom has stated his vision of accelerating collaboration and innovation through a new National Center which has already received significant pledges from several CUSOs. His efforts will refocus NACUSO from the traditional association list of activities to a leadership group that helps transform credit unions into a national cooperative option for all consumers. As the financial services industry becomes increasingly dominated by national brands and institutions, credit unions can position themselves as the best alternative with both local roots and national scale via CUSO partnerships.

Jon Jeffreys, XO Callahan Financial Services
There is a new captain at the helm of Callahan Credit Union Financial Services Limited Partnership (CUFSLP) who’s looking to steer the partnership into unchartered waters. Facing a turning point in its traditional business Jeffreys, a seven-year Callahan veteran who just completed his MBA, is leading the 40 credit union partners as they re-launch the TRUST for credit union mutual funds in an open architecture model. The Partnership has also helped spawn new CUSO’s such as Open Financial Solutions, Member Gateways, and Procura over the past ten years. The current innovation efforts are focused on projects as diverse as Wifi access and community portals, student lending options, “health care banking” and virtual marketing solutions.

Benson Porter, CEO Addison Avenue
Benson Porter is the new kid on the block. Attracted by a culture based on collaboration and a focus on member service, this former WAMU senior executive joined Addison Avenue FCU ($1.98 billion in assets) just two months ago. With a career in one of the most visible and aggressive national retail firms, Porter brings a valuable perspective on how for-profit firms are thinking about the future of consumer financial services. Addison Avenue FCU, originally founded as the credit union for all Hewlett Packard employees and related spinoffs, is expanding its role by seeking other national employers with which to partner.




July 22, 2007



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