Dec. 24, 2007


  • ''What''s my monthly payment?'' is the answer we get when trying to educate our members about mortgage loans, and loans in general. Who do we think is doing disclosure/education on internet loans? Even in our stable closed field of membership we have made very little headway in changing mindset, despite lending contacts doubling in length.
    David Russell, Pres. PGAFCU, CO
  • If you understand the crisis and know your membership, the credit union can reach out to members and potential members to save their homes. Not everyone can be helped, but sound lending decisions at this point in time will create members for life and enhance the balance sheet.
    Daniel M. Harp, Dort FCU
  • More of our members have gotten their mortgage loan from someone other than their credit union and in fact less than half of all credit unions even make mortgage loans. Credit Unions need to be proactive in reaching out to their membership as utlimately a member''s difficulty in meeting their mortgage loan obligations can lead to defaults or delinquency in their auto loan, home equity loan, credit card or other unsecured debts. If your credit union doesn''t make mortgage loans, are you knowledgable about the credit unions in your market who do or which ones are FHA approved mortgage lenders?
    Steve VanSickler, SVP/CLO Red Rocks Credit Union
  • We provide comprehensive mortgage origination, processing, underwriting, closing, and servicing for more than 800 credit unions nationwide (although on any given day we''re probably actively providing service to less than half of those). Imagine how market penetration by credit unions could increase if only they''d put mortgage lending near the top in priorities when attempting to make the credit union a member''s PFI.
    Steve Browne