Jan. 28, 2013


  • Well-written piece. Top 3 will have such an impact for years to come. Innovative Collaboration with worthy partners for sustainable asset growth; FinTech agility,understanding and action; and truly understanding what an Engagement*Banking (Credit Union) environment is and doing it. These 3 with a core of Effective Governance, Risk Management and agile, compliance preparedness. If your board is onboard, and your Leadership Team is ready to lead the responsibility charge (not to be confused with the title charge :) L-E-T-S-G-O, let's go! ps. the maybe we need to remarket ourselves to the younger generations with a little better vibe, flow, and trust in spirit. Let's Take the "Credit" and make it "Cred". And evolve the "Union" into "Unity"... The meaningful worlds are so similar, yet the words so far apart in spirit. Perception is everything. CRED UNITY...COMMUNITY.
    Lisa Kuhn Phillips