Oct. 31, 2011


  • Very interesting thoughts on the call center Aaron-especially around IVR's being a detractor from net promoter scores. The 2011 World Retail Banking Report showed that the leading reasons customers left banks in 2011 was 1. Quality of Service and 2. Ease of Use. Now I know we are talking Credit Unions here, but the lesson remains valuable-the key differentiator that CU's and Banks have to leverage is great service and services that make banking easy for members / customers. A great member experience starts with a CU's front line, easy to use tools, services and products for members...it's a key component to the loan and member growth CU's are striving for.
    Stephen Kobzik
  • Nice article Aaron. Optimizing all resources and especially call center resources should be a priority for all credit unions. I like your thoughts about outbound calls.
    Chad Davis
  • Well covered bases, Aaron! Call center agents are all of this and more. I can honestly say that I am the ultimate failure on the phone. I admire those who make it their goal to talk to people who genuinely need help and others who just want to whine and complain. Broad knowledge of products and processes that span old and new, connected and disconnected systems is required. Plus the capacity to fully engage all cylinders while patiently communicating with folks whether they are in the mood for communicating or not. If you are a call center agent reading this - please consider this a HIGH-5 - make that a Pinnacle-10!
  • Great points made here. I am always surprised to hear that credit unions implement a maximum handle time. Once we have a member on the phone I want to make sure that we commit to first call resolution and up-sell/cross-sell. If I have agents worrying about the length of the call, I will have agents that get really good at processing people.

    I also agree that there is a need to demystify what takes place in a contact center. Service Levels, staffing, randomization of call load, all can be pretty nebulous to outsiders. By explaining the multiple factors that truly reflect the performance of a contact center you can get better support from the organization as a whole.