4 Mobile Apps That Increase Credit Union Mortgage Business

Keeping up with macro and micro trends via smartphone is a smart way to boost mortgage business.


The steady growth of mobile marketing strategies forces mortgage professionals to reconsider how to effectively broaden their reach to be relevant to key demographics, like first-time homebuyers. Use of app-based technology is one way you can be more mobile-friendly, improve your social reach and increase business opportunities.

In 2014, mobile devices accounted for 55% of all Internet usage, and 47% of that traffic came from apps. Mobile apps are a valuable tool — you have the ability to easily take snapshots of the industry at both macro and micro levels. With that understanding, here are a few apps to consider when working to maximize the effectiveness of your personal brand through app-based technology.

Below is one of four great apps you can use to increase mortgage opportunities.


IFTTT: [Discover]

IF This Then That (IFTTT) is one of my favorite apps for streamlining the discovery of content across multiple apps. Developed in late 2010, IFTTT allows for the use of two apps together to create a desired outcome through what the developer calls “Recipes.” There are thousands of existing recipes to choose from based on what you are looking to accomplish, or you can easily create your own. There are a few IFTTT recipes that should garner your interest if you are seeking to increase your mortgage business.

Receive An Email Or Mobile Notification On Breaking News

What I find of value with this IFTTT recipe is the ability to see a macro view of the mortgage industry. Using this recipe lets you receive an email or mobile notification when a news publication like The New York TimesNational Public Radio, or BuzzFeed tags a story as “breaking news” or “trending.” Given this ability, consider monitoring sections of these publications that can help shed light on the mortgage industry you serve. The options are endless. This approach to content curating is an excellent way to discover valuable content from reliable, trustworthy sources and improve your social media marketing efforts by having a constant, inbound stream of content to share.

If New Real Estate Is Listed On Zillow, Then Send Me Gmail

This recipe will work in conjunction with TrackIf.com. You can specify one or a variety of regions via search queries through sites like Zillow, Century 21, ReMax, and more. When the recipe runs those specific TrackIf.com search URLs, you will be notified with details of the newly listed property via Gmail. Creating this type of recipe to monitor newlocal real estate listings allows for a micro view of the market and the opportunity to engage home sellers directly.

Consider using this information to send a homeowner marketing materials, such as a co-branded mortgage infographic about the value of working with only pre-approved potential buyers. Being the first to know allows you to be the first to act, and as a result, you can build relationships that increase your mortgage business.

Save Tagged Feedly Articles To Evernote

In brief, Feedly is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices (iOS and Android). It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources that you can customize and share with others. There are many variants of this type of recipe.

A relevant example is specifying a Feedly topic like “mortgage.” Meaning, Feedly will compile a list of all the content currently available across the web that it has access to and has been tagged as a topic about ‘mortgage.’ Once compiled, based on the recipe, Feedly will send that content to your Evernote app. You could modify this recipe so that Feedly sends the content to you via Gmail or Google Docs, for example.

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Nov. 2, 2015


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