4 Social Media Killers

Don’t let the credit union’s next campaign get knocked out because of common mistakes.


There’s a time and a place for red tape and bureaucracy. But a burgeoning social media program is neither. Credit unions must learn not to get in the way of themselves while plotting their social media course… putting resources in motion, only to shift them in a different direction later can be exhausting and inefficient.

Creating a successful campaign or platform is a lot of work. But by avoiding these four common missteps, credit unions can ensure that their effort  will eventually pay off.

The Company Profile Is Not Filled Out

Anytime a credit union starts a social media project, the absolute number-one priority is to fill out the company profile as completely as possible. Leave the profile blank or partially filled out and the page or account will not be made searchable to current and potential members. It’s very hard to be connected in a social network if no one can find anyone else.

Profiles Or Accounts Are Locked

This is never a good idea for institutions trying to reach the masses. The goal of social media to connect with people, not lock them out. Consumer who want to follow activity and outreach on a locked account will need to submit their information for approval and few will waste their precious time to jump though these hoops.

Lackluster Content Or Updates About Nothing

The core message of credit union outreach should contain stories about the institution, its values, its services, and all of the other good things happening with the brand. Adding personality to a social media stream is a good thing, but don’t let content get bogged down with too much personality (to the point of eroding trust) or odd/trivial items that may confuse the audience.

Persisting When The Audience Just Isn’t There

It’s hard to hear, but sometimes a certain strategy or channel just doesn’t work out. If a credit union has managed to avoid all of the social media landmines listed above but traffic numbers are still dead and the conversations have ceased, it may be time to come up with an exit strategy and pull the plug.

Thorough social media research, before and after a campaign, doesn’t happen nearly enough. But in the case of failure, it is a critical step in getting the next attempt right. Once a credit union finds its audience, it must take care of them and show constant appreciation for the attention and interest they’re bringing to the table.

The industry does some wonderful things, but too often, that information doesn’t make it out of credit union circles. It’s time to turn around from internal cheerleading and face the greater public at large with these messages. Credit unions must be bold and proud of what they do. There is a whole world out there waiting for financial help and, if correctly executed, social media can provide the perfect access point.

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