Jan. 26, 2015


  • How does this weigh into the overall indirect strategy? Does this not go against harnessing the power of membership with the local dealers? I would imagine local dealers would not like to have to compete with this credit union dealership for RCU members or in market buyers. If I were a dealership, I would certainly not want to make any new RCU members to just go and have them buy their next car at RCU auto services. Not only that, but I would guess that RCU auto services are taking some of my clients. Whether the reality is or is not true, the above the perception of dealers in the indirect marketplace would hamper your ability to capture more new members through the indirect process. You are sending the wrong message to your loan sources by saying "We do not trust you to take care of our members auto buying experience" "And we will just do it ourselves." I think it is shortsighted on the part of the credit union. We are helping the few in order to give up the many. Take the time to build stronger relationships with dealers and your members with be treated like royalty. Because your members a well qualified and loyal, exactly what every dealership wants.
    Rob Davidheiser