Aug. 6, 2007


  • Quick read with concise, good information
    Jerry Clancy
  • Where do you dig up these hacks? Very superficial for a topic like "branding."
  • Credit Unions too often see the brand as their logo or their name. In my six county field of membership there are over 65 financial institutions. It is difficult to stand out in such a big field of competitors. The SAFE Credit Union brand has to convey a promise of something special that draws members and potential members to SAFE to use our services. The Brand Promise at SAFE is to offer members an exceptional experience when they use SAFE to improve their finanical well being. A brand has to convey something special to the public--otherwise the brand becomes a commodity. I agree that the company name and logo has to be consistent with the brand promise. But any organization that does not offer an exceptional experience is not a true brand, no matter how creative its name or logo. Henry Wirz
    Henry Wirz
  • A key element of any brand strategy is consistency across all touch points with the customer and that, obviously, includes the presence on the web. That''s where the brand is increasingly experienced by members and expectations not only have to be met but exceeded to create positive brand equity across the board. No longer can a website be just an add-on but needs to be at the center of credit union marketing strategies.
    Joe Buhler
  • 1. Your credti union brand is what your members perceive it to be, nothing else. It is based solely on their experiences at your credit union. Deliver great experiences. 2. Don''t over think a new brand identity or brand ehnancement. The brand position you choose to deliver should be fundamental, simple, basic,
    Max Bendel