6 Degrees of SEG Relationships

Check off these six degrees of SEG relationships to assure you aren’t six degrees away from your potential members!


The six degrees of separation, popularized by a play written by John Guare, contends you are connected to everyone in the world through six other people. Ideally credit unions are only one step, or degree, away from their members; two degrees from potential members. But we don’t live in a perfect world. Sometimes key relationships encourage greater participation from potential members. This is especially true for select employee groups. At the SEG level, winning over one or two employees can lead to exponentially more members.

To maximize your SEG relationships and minimize the degrees of separation between you and potential members, follow these six steps:

  1. Schedule to Stay Active: Have a system in place for staying in front of key SEG employees. If a contact leaves or the relationship sours, have a process in place for reaching out to other influential SEG members.

  2. Select the Right Goals: Give your business development representatives defined growth metrics to encourage ownership and ensure their focus remains on the tasks that drive your organization’s success. Incentivize accordingly!

  3. Stay Exciting: The office provides a great medium to get people excited about your credit union. Work with the powers that be to implement fun promotions around the office or have your credit union mascot pay a surprise visit. For best results, connect these efforts to item two.

  4. Stay Connected: Make note of the SEG event calendar. Reach out to see how you can donate resources such as time, people, money, venue, or ideas to make SEG events successful.

  5. State Your Value: It’s important SEGs understand the value of the credit union relationship. Convey this message through employee surveys, rate cards, and SEG-specific product promotions.

  6. Stay Relevant: The previous five items are sure-fire ways to differentiate your credit union from your banking brethren. At a time when big-bank bashing is off the charts, communicating this difference is easier than ever. Make sure your SEG contacts realize just how special your relationship is.