July 2, 2007


  • I understand your focus on the larger CUs since that''s likely where you gain the most usage or attention, but every once in a while it''d be nice to see performance levels for smaller CU categories. On the one hand I hear you saying that small CUs are important, but on the other, you ignore their success in wholesale fashion.
    Elizabeth Lipke
  • Dane County CU in Wisconsin is not in the asset category listed.
  • Great article, I think it''s definitely important to measure these metrics, but also the metrics with one level of more detail. For the primary financial institution metric, measuring direct deposit and online bill pay adoption, since electronic payments solidify the credit union as the member''s primary financial institution.
    Phil Spradlin
  • Elizabeth (Comment #1), Very good points. Additional asset tables were not included for layout but we''ll get them added soon. Yes, we absolutely believe that credit unions of all sizes are important. In fact, some of our most interesting examples of success and innovation are from small and mid-sized credit unions. Thank you for helping to make this site relevant to all credit unions.
    CreditUnions.com Editor
  • Duh... we don''t know this? But it is a good reminder for those who don''t; of which, I hope there are none.
    Max Bendel
  • If we''re talking about member usage and share of wallet, wouldn''t it be more useful to look at balances per member rather than accounts?
  • Nice to see industry metrics on these factors.