7 Alternatives to YouTube

Enhance your YouTube initiative or explore a new platform for your social media strategy.


In just three weeks, Bucks First Credit Union’s ($86.5M,Bristol, PA) violent and awesome commercial garnered more than 300,000 views on YouTube. Its success is the very definition of “viral.” As credit unions explore the varying channels of social media, many are weighing the pros and cons of using one video hosting service over another.

YouTube is the dominant platform,” says Michael Hudson, creator of creditunionstrategy.com. “It has a solid brand, gets lots of traffic, and offers the potential for setting up a personalized channel where all of your videos can be hosted and viewed for free.”

“If you’re going to do video content, you have to be on YouTube,” agrees Peter Hodges, direct marketing specialist for Bellco Credit Union ($2B, Greenwood Villa, CO). “It is one of the top five sites searched on the Internet.”

There is no denying the power and social significance of YouTube, but opinions differ as to what makes a more effective video strategy, posting clips on various sites or choosing one site as the source for the credit union’s message. Both strategies present their own drawbacks – from inadvertently being lumped together with distasteful content to running the risk of isolating the credit union’s message – but such is the way of social media.

“Isolating your message isn’t going to keep people from talking. I want to be part of the conversation and share my message with as many people as possible,” says Amy McGraw, marketing director of Public Service Credit Union ($121M, Romulus, MI). Despite concerns about associated content, the credit union launched its first YouTube channel earlier this month.

For credit unions that also want to be part of the conversation and explore several video hosting alternatives, this reference guide is offered as a starting point. This is not an exhaustive list; please feel free to add your own favorites in the “comment” section below.

Branding itself as the “next generation television network,” blip.tv hosts nearly 50,000 independently produced shows for an audience of 22 million viewers and broadcasts more than 2.4 million episodes to both computer and television screens. CU Link:  How to Save Money on Taxes.

Complete with its own iPhone application, Howcast broadcasts millions of how-to videos every month. From the questionable “how to drink like a man” to the more helpful “how to prepare an emergency kit for your car,” clips run the gamut of the human experience. CU Link: How to Avoid Being Charged Overdraft Fees. 

Screencast allows users to share video content as well as images and documents. “We chose Screencast.com for our member tutorials,” says Matt Fagala, application support manager for Vantage Credit Union ($628.3M, Bridgeton, MO). “It’s comparable to YouTube in features and ease of use. I also like the desktop uploader that lets you send up multiple videos at once.”

Traffic Geyser
TrafficGeyser.com takes the hassle out of uploading video to multiple hosting sites. Designed by Internet marketers, Traffic Geyser uses keywords and video distribution to optimize search engine recognition. Unlike other sites listed here, Traffic Geyser doesn’t host videos for viewing on its own site.

Similar to TrafficGeyeser, TubeMogul distributes videos uploaded to its platform to other video sites. It also collects viewing data from other sites and provides its users with information about their videos such as the frequency, time, and location of video viewing. To date, it has distributed more than one million videos for 100,000 clients.

Users of viddler can directly post content via webcam, comment on and tag specific scenes, and push content through RSS feeds, iTunes, and podcasts. Industry-related posters include Filene Research Institute, dineroycredito.com (a financial resource for Spanish speakers), and several credit union and credit union members. CU Link: United Federal Credit Union Encourages Gen Yers to Sound-Off.

This platform is a self-proclaimed “respectful community” of video sharers. Content ranges from short films and music videos to commercials and educational/do-it-yourself videos. Although vimeo has its share of arty content – it accommodates high definition video ­– there also are hundreds of credit union-related postings. CU Link: 2010 CUNA GAC: The CULAC Raffle.




March 1, 2010


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