9 Ways to GO GREEN Today

You can go green today, but how will you stay green next week, next month, and next year?


Happy Earth Day! This year, April 22 is particularly special to the Green Movement, as it’s the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Last month, Callahan & Associates hosted a complimentary Go Green webinar to get credit unions thinking about how they can protect the environment and their bottom line.

Today, we’re bringing you 9 more ideas to help you reduce your environmental footprint while supersizing your place in your local ECOnomy.

Lime Green (or short-term initiatives)
These are options you can put into motion today with little to no planning.

  • Encourage your members to switch from paper statements to electronic statements. Add an incentive if necessary.
  • Sponsor a Shred-A-Thon for all the businesses and consumers in your community. Recycle the shredding. Make it a competition among branches to see who can shred the most pounds.
  • Switch the default fonts on Outlook to a font that uses less ink to print. Take a page out of University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s playbook and swap Arial for Century Gothic.

Granny Smith Apple Green (or mid-term initiatives)
New lending products can boost loan growth and promote planet-friendly behavior. These initiatives take more thought and planning and are great options for innovative credit unions.

  • Solar Loans. Addison Avenue opened 480 loans worth $13.2 million with its groundbreaking solar lending program.
  • Hybrid Loans. So what if the competition is returning to the auto market? Show your commitment to the community by offering a 1% rate discount on qualified hybrid autos. Add an eStatement and auto pay requirement  to reduce coupon and mailing clutter and costs.
  • Bicycle Loans. Rebrand your line-of-credit product or create a new free-standing option. Either way, summer is here so jump on the two-wheeled bandwagon.  

Forest Green (or long-term initiatives)
It might not be easy being green, but these initiatives show serious commitment to movement’s values.

  • Expansion on the horizon? Make sure any new buildings are LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design).
  • Host an Eco-Expo with community partners such as alternative energy companies. Give away compact florescent light bulbs and reinforce your institution’s daily eco-conscious activities.
  • Set a goal to reduce the amount of waste your credit union sends to the landfill. Then hold yourself accountable through monthly, quarterly, yearly updates.