May 19, 2008


  • Due to unforseen financial problems I have about, 14 of these loans. At about 6000.00 I can''t seem to get out of this mess is there any hope.I also have bad credit and I can''t file banruptcy.
    Daniel Newman
  • We continue to call the alternative lending outlets "predatory", although this is a mainstream service consumers demand and accept. The credit union and banking industry should look within, and question whether their "Courtesy Pay" practies would be considered predatory too. Have they ever calculated the APR on a "Courtesy Pay" advance? Example: a $25.00 Courtesy Pay fee to cover a $100.00 check for 10 days? Let''s calculate that APR. Hmmmm sounds very predatory to me. In most cases, a consumer would pay more through Courtesy Pay if they "bounced" a couple checks, than if they received one PayDay Advance to cover their checks - at least in Florida.