A Fourth of July Snapshot of Ten Patriotic Credit Unions

This Sunday we celebrate Independence Day. In this article, we’ve patriotically highlighted ten credit unions from across America. Also, check out our PDF on the opportunities and challenges of the credit union system in 2004.


Next Sunday, America will celebrate its 228th birthday. In honor of this event, we’ve highlighted ten credit unions not by financial performance, but rather by names which either directly or indirectly show their love for our country. These credit unions come from all over the U.S. and span many asset groups, but they all share the common bond with the rest of America’s credit unions of patriotically serving their member’s needs.

To get a closer look at the state of all credit unions, you can download our PDF on the state of the credit union system. It discusses some of the opportunities and challenges that credit unions will face in the rest of 2004 and what they have experienced so far. Click here to download it.




June 28, 2004


  • I think Uncle Sam is the "winner" with 20.54% Net Worth/Assets!!! 217 members...who are they? Maybe Freedom has a story to tell that we can replicate! Anyway, happy Birthday to America's credit unions!