April 14, 2008


  • Great "real world" insight, Dane. Two points. Teen GIRLS are the new "cyberpioneers''\" (Pew Dec 07 study). And, dig down deeper and you will find that both boys & girls are closer to their MOMS...even in traditional families.
    Roger Conant
  • As a boomer who is the mother of two Gen Y kids, I really appreciate your thoughts. I especially agree with your suggestion that credit unions should focus on what we can offer younger people rather than being "cool."
  • nice article, rings true (I am "gen-Y", too, so I know :)
    Julia Timbrook
  • Way to make it real.
  • Design well, be accessible, be real, and don''t try to be hiphop. Great points, Dane.
    Brent Dixon
  • Great comments - spot on! Great point on poor website design. As a Gen-Y, sometimes I won''t buy products from a company if their website seems outdated - it sends a message that they may not be reliable. If I''m going to log-in to a CU site on a daily or weekly basis, it better be modern and it better be clean and easy to use. Otherwise, I''m not going to belong to it. Free and accessible ATMs are very important, but an easy to use site ranks even higher for our generation.
  • Great article, practical, very true.
  • "A poor website can affect your credibility" She may not have been looking at you DCU, but I am....
  • Great article, you are truly the voice of your generation
  • Thank you putting making this clear, concise, and straight to the point
  • Totally appreciated your perspective. I especially liked the comment about credit unions shouldn't try to be cool. We need to keep our communication simple, easy, but to the point.