April 27, 2009


  • I think the person who wrote the first comment is hiding behind the screen of anonymity. I suggest he read the First Amendment to the Constitution. We have the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. That is what this is about. I can give this individual a list of actions taken by governments which have been legal, but wrong. (Write me, I'll send it to you.) If we followed the government just because its actions were legal, we would still be a colony of the British Empire. No, the actions of the NCUA were wrong and I want my elected representatives to know about it. By the way, Mr Anonymous of the first comment, if you feel the government always acts in your best interest, don't bother voting in the next election. Democracy is about the voice of the people, not the legal actions of a government agency. Also Mr Anonymous you don't speak for me or my credit union.
    David Varon
  • Dear Credit Unions Rising & Mr. Filson:

    This divisive petition drive is contrary to credit union interests. The industry has chosen its representatives to lobby Congress and those entities are CUNA and/or NAFCU, or the lobbyists hired by individual credit unions or associations of credit unions. It is imperative that your organization align itself with the movement and not give Congress a reason to delay or alter this legislation. We can argue the merits of the corporate conservatorships and stabilization plan for eternity but the reality is that they were legal actions taken by a government agency and our best option is to mitigate the effect on the industry. Please do not purport to represent the industry when you do not.

  • This all is so clear. Thank you for helping us take some kind of noticeable action beyond CUNA/NAFCU. I generally support CUNA/NAFCU, but they have failed my credit union and the entire industry on these issues. I fear that our members will be paying the price for years as a result.

    Most of my credit union friends in the industry don't even realize how they have been crippled by NCUA/CUNA/NAFCU's actions (and inactions) in recent weeks. They blindly allow the trades to move forward and make decisions that have a strong likelihood of ultimately preventing credit unions from serving members and grow. The results of all of this will be painfully obvious in a few months time when we will be forced to retrench due to NCUA's corporate decisions and loan paybacks to the government...too late.

    What I don't understand is why CUNA and NAFCU are so eagerly going along with NCUA's plans. I see no action from them to force accountability and change the direction on the corporate issues. The 4 action proposals to congress listed here on this petition are so straightforward, so obvious...why aren't we seeing this kind of public action from CUNA/NAFCU?

    It is time for credit unions to get angry, it is time for CUNA and NAFCU to start taking real concrete actions to help.