June 5, 2012


  • A system that no longer looks to improve on the templates of the past is a system too tired to survive the future.

    We have endured generations of NCUA leaders whose only crisis management approach is summed up by "write it off and earn more later!" (wasting capital in hopes of more) and "why don't we give it a try?" (conservatorship without a plan) - enough is enough.....we need a champion for new solutions.

    We need to join Chip and make sure an "independent investigator" takes the lead. My only issue is I would rather it be someone with a true "get to the bottom of this mess sense of drama" - wonder if the National Inquirer might lend us someone.

    Could it be the NCUA does not believe that our industry has the energy to follow up anymore?

    Randy Karnes
  • It is time for the NCUA to be held accountable.
  • It is time that NCUA be accountable.Stop play politics and trying to politically correct and do the right thing for the members.
    Carolyn Smithwick
  • Great article Chip, it is the members money not NCUA's, it is our fiducailry responsiblity to press for right actions and accountlability from NCUA. 3- 4 years of scapegoating and now a PR campaign from our regulators to whitewash these actions.
    David Proffitt, Alcoa Tenn FCU