Feb. 25, 2013


  • This is an outstanding article. All credit unions can benefit from this approach. This is truly a monumental change an organization will undertake to move to a member focused culture. It is not something you take lightly. You want to make sure you are changing the culture as well as training the staff on the new way of looking at their job. As credit unions, the member focus should be our primary objective. We have moved from a strictly service culture to a sales and service culture with the aid of MNA – Michael Neill & Associates (http://www.michaelneill.com/). Having a frame work for the change made an institutional culture shift possible. We wouldn’t have been able to make the transition without their collaborative approach.
    Sara Zimmerman
  • Great information flow from Culture Shock: Jump Start to Member Advocacy. The consultative sales/service experience is a true labor of love, and a must do for every credit union. Moving from a service to sales/service environment is an Enterprise Risk Management Program, Project and Process. It is truly about knowing your members - internal team and your membership served (and potential ones too) - The Discovery. Next comes the methodical, smart Design and ongoing Development of your people and programs. This leads to Delivery - consistency for habit and consistently assessed for improvement across all brand channels. The enduring result? Successful Purpose is the "team member experience" when it is believed in, practiced and performed collaboratively by the credit union's entire team. Bravo on this written series!
    Lisa Kuhn Phillips