All Around The (Financial) World

One California credit union deploys remote services to optimize member convenience.


In the business world, people want maximum convenience and have minimal patience. Although the laws of physics suggest a credit union can’t be everywhere at once, that doesn’t stop one California cooperative from trying. 

Founded in 1967, California Center Credit Union ($8.5M, Ontario, CA) serves 1,661 members today. The credit union has only one physical branch but uses partnerships and a strong network of kiosks, ATMs, and imaging services to meet member needs, wherever they may be

For example, CalCenter's kiosk in the lobby of a WesCorp building offers imaging and deposit services. The kiosk is less expensive than a traditional branch, has more convenient hours, and reduces the cost of deposit processing. Along with the kiosk, a network of surcharge-free ATMs and a robust home banking site complement CalCenter's other offerings.

With all the channels available to members, the credit union has to keep an eye on its level of risk. Check out the clip below to see how CalCenter does it. Want more? Watch the full event, "Matching Technology with Member Service Strategies: ATMs, Kiosks, and Remote Teller Systems."