Feb. 8, 2010


  • These giants do not represent the industry. Their statistics are so at odds with the typical credit union that they might aswell be two separate industries. Compare the stats of cu's over $500 million with those below $50 million and the disparity is enormous. We are fast approaching an industry consolidation that will eliminate all cu's under $50 million.
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  • One item no one has discussed: does it make sense for the NCUSIF to have this much concentration risk in any one credit union? Two years ago no one saw a problem with the NCUSIF's concentration risk at Wescorp and US Central...look how that turned out. Certainly the risk any one of these credit unions poses is minimal but put any five of these into one significant risk pool and the NCUSIF could not handle the losses. Maybe any CU over $1 billion should be declared to big to share in the cooperative fund? I believe the industry has outgrown its cooperative existence.
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  • To Commenter #2 - you're already there. The fact is that no one wants to acknowledge, especially in this forum, that this is an industry rapidly approaching a precipice. Perhaps the $50M threshold is a little low? Perhaps we're all vulnerable? Might want to change topics from fluff to CAMEL and the pending crisis so many of us face. As an aside - Isn't it funny how we're all commenting anonymously? Speaks volumes.