Are Your Members Wanting E-mail Communications?

E-mail has become as common to consumers as a telephone. Despite inherent challenges the public has become obsessed with reading their e-mail.




E-mail has become as common to consumers as a telephone. Despite inherent challenges the public has become obsessed with reading e-mail. We live in a society today that is very fast paced, and in the middle of it all is our e-mail in-box. We check our e-mail at work, at home, at the library, at the airport, and just about any other place with an Internet connection. Society has even created devices to check our e-mail on the go when we are away from our normal Internet connection. Chances are you have a device sitting right next to you at all times capable of receiving your e-mail (PDA, cell phone, etc). These devices have been created and built because of consumer demand.

Your members are no different. If you are considering e-mail as a means of communicating to your member but are unsure if they are willing to give you their e-mail address…simply ask them. Consider doing a survey of how your members would prefer to receive communications from you. Very often the member will want to communicate via e-mail.

Not Sure What to E-mail?

All too often when a credit union decides to conduct e-mail marketing they think they have to gather thousands of e-mails before they can start. Did you know that one of the most successful e-mail communications a credit union can offer is a simple monthly Welcome E-mail Newsletter to new members? One of the worst things you can do is gather a member’s e-mail address and not send anything to them for a year. If a new member has recently enrolled in your e-mail list and given you permission (Opt-In) to e-mail them, chances are significantly higher that they are going to open your first e-mail. credit unions can take advantage of this opportunity by re-iterating the online services that are available. Tell your members what types of communications they can expect to receive, for example:

  • E-Statement Notifications
  • Product Promotions
  • Surveys
  • E-Newsletters
  • Workshop & Seminar Invitations

Starting off with a clear, concise and beneficial Welcome e-mail could be just the ticket to kick starting a successful and long-term e-mail marketing strategy.

Overcoming the Challenges: Spam and Phishing

Why should you be concerned with spam if you don’t spam your members? Because spam is so common these days, the problem is your legitimate e-mail message might get placed in the members’ junk-mail folder. Here are some things you can do:

  • Encourage your members to add the e-mail address you send from to their safe-list
  • Establish whitelist status (will go directly to inbox) with ISP’s: AOL, MSN, etc.

Should my credit union avoid sending e-mail because of the threat of phishing? Whether you send e-mail to your members or not phishing will continue. Why not take advantage of e-mail to not only train your members on avoiding phishing scams, but to also set the standard for e-mail messages coming from your credit union? Give your members the information they need to tell if an e-mail they have received is actually from the credit union. Establish an e-mail standard and maintain that standard in all communications. Some possible standards include:

  • Personalize the e-mail with the name of the member
  • Include the last three digits of account number (or some portion of data that the member and credit union knows)
  • Append a unique code to every e-mail that can be validated by the member inside of online banking or by a call center representative
  • A combination of any or all of the above items

Want to learn more about e-mail marketing?

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Aug. 22, 2005



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