Asking and Answering the Difficult Questions When It Comes to HSAs

As with any new product, member education is key. But health savings accounts (HSA) introduce credit union employees and members to elements of health care decisions representing new, complex issues.

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Leigh Anne Terry, HR Manager
Callahan & Associates

Helping credit union members and employees make the transition from "Wealth Management" to "Health Management"

When a member is setting aside money in a savings account, it’s easy to ask them if they’re saving up for a boat or an African safari.   But if someone’s getting ready to put money in a health savings account, there are a whole other set of questions that aren’t so easy to ask  -- or answer.  

  • Do you plan on starting a family? 
  • Any major procedures in the near future? 
  • Do you have ongoing prescription medication costs?

The decision to get into the health savings account business represents a philosophical shift in the way that your members need to think about this money and the way your employees have to help them think about this money.  A credit union's success in moving from "wealth management" to "health management" is balanced on the ability to be knowledgeable source of information on this new (and sometimes confusing) insurance product.

At the online event, Reaching Your Members with HSAs:  Partnerships, Products & Participation, Leigh Anne Terry, Human Resources Manager at Callahan & Associates spoke about the importance of HSA programs to the credit union industry in providing member value: hear a clip.

Marketing your credit union as a trusted resource for HSA information and advice was the theme of the second episode in our four-part series, HSAs: The Most Important Opportunity to Enhance Member Value and Lifelong Relationships in the 21st Century. Part two, Reaching Your Members with HSAs: Partnerships, Products & Participation, is available as a recording. Part three, Everything You Need to Know About Operating, Reporting, and Maintaining an HSA Program at Your Credit Union, is scheduled for Thursday, July 12, 2007. For more information, contact Leigh Anne Terry at 1-800-446-7453 x 128.