Asking Your Member Has Never Been Easier

Should credit union executives be more interested in why a member does business with the credit union, or why they don’t (or didn’t) do business with the credit union? Today’s managers are finding that to be successful and competitive they need to ask and listen to both...




Should credit union executives be more interested in why a member does business with the credit union, or why they don’t (or didn’t) do business with the credit union? Today’s managers are finding that to be successful and competitive they need to ask and listen to both….

So how are they doing it? Mini-surveys –You’ve seen them everywhere:

  • On receipts - Go online and tell us how we did and receive $5 off
  • In emails - Please click here and rate our service or representative
  • On websites – Click the image and take our short survey
  • Postcards received in the mail

Today 24/7 ENTERPRISE eSurveys are providing service-oriented management with the ability to measure key result areas for member service and employee and process performance, delivering the information needed to manage toward success. eSurveys allow organizations to reach out and survey members on issues across "service channels" in real-time.

Deploying eSurveys Strategically

You’ve seen it at your favorite restaurant, and now they are working their way into your favorite credit union! Picture your member visiting your branch to make a deposit or ATM for cash and seeing a survey invitation on their receipt. Or, after a transaction in the Call Center receiving an email or postcard invitation to take a quick satisfaction survey and rate the MSR.

Short, simple eSurveys delivered via an email invitation (or via paper with a link to the online version) are providing CU managers with a high-value, low-cost means to ask members to communicate their experiences with, and interest in, their CU. With today’s technology there can be no paper, postage, or collating surveys. Best of all the results are instantly measurable and, when properly planned, the action items jump right off the page.

A Credit Union Example

Northwest FCU ( is launching four mini-surveys, in both electronic and paper versions, to gauge their member satisfaction rating. Mini-surveys for new borrowers, closed accounts, new accounts and transactions conducted during the period are slated to roll out later this month. Joan Stroud, Marketing Manager at NWFCU, recently shared their strategic vision. "Our goal is to assess our member’s satisfaction between the biennial "super" survey after we make changes from the recommendations. Some questions overlap in the mini-surveys so that we can easily benchmark the key areas we want to always measure. Others are unique and address service issues."

For example, members that get a new loan from NWFCU are invited to take the CU’s New Loan mini-survey. Those with email address on file receive an electronic invitation from the CU while those without email addresses receive a postage paid, paper copy of the mini-survey. Why paper too? Stroud explains, "even though NWFCU has email addresses for about 50% of our members, we want to get a good cross-section of all members." The paper copies are entered into the eSurvey system so that they can get one report and an up to the minute view of all responses. The report feature allows NWFCU to compare paper responses to electronic responses at anytime. For future reference, NWFCU has assigned unique tracking numbers to each survey recipient for future reference and importing the answers back into their MCIF system.

Want to See an Actual Survey?

The Internet and digital products continue to enhance the communication channels between members and their credit union. Everyday CUs are using this medium to push information and marketing to their members. Many forget that this channel works in two directions, providing members the opportunity to push information back to their CU. We’ve placed a sample of a recent CU satisfaction survey that achieve great responses for a CU (some good, some bad) for you to review at

How to Conduct a Web Survey

FreeAlthough they are inexpensive and produce fast results, eSurveys still require proper project planning for maximum effectiveness. The key steps for conducting a successful web survey are:

  • Identify your objectivy
  • Decide what information you need
  • Develop a questionnaire
  • Conduct the survey
  • Analyze the responses
  • Recommend a course of action

RequestFollow these steps and you’ll get valuable and actionable results!

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