May 7, 2012


  • Nice read. Now for the balcony view as I see it ... the credit union industry must become 'Collaborative Competitors' to make and have a real and far greater impact on consumers, communities and responsible companies - whether they be connected (technologically) or traditional ('the way it was is better') types.

    At our core, we are COLLABORATORS who serve individuals, businesses and communities with their money matters. Make each of them aware, educate and inspire them to act in their short and long term better interests, financially responsible speaking.

    As an industry, we are COMPETITORS with those who wish to seek profit first, and offer product and services convenience that may not be needed to help a consumer, community, responsible company become better money managers and leaders.

    Collaborate internally within the cu industry and with our trusted membership who understand we are not-FOR-profit, rather than NON-profit....


    Compete externally with for-profit entities.

    Connect the dots...simple communication, simpler processes, better story, better-caring people and better (more content) life.

    We Are "Collaborative Competitors" who want consumers, communities and responsible companies succeed in the game of a content life.

    M & A's ??? Piece of cake when you know the vision is for the greater good of a community just in need of a more content life.

    I'll have a cup (of that) cake please.

    Lisa Kuhn Phillips