Jan. 1, 2007


  • The article screams of reality. Yes, yes, yes! As credit unions, our members trust us to do the right thing. Educate members, teach them to honor their credit - including their plasti. I recently took the time to read one of those paper thin, miniscule print leaflets and was in shock at the rules hidden in lawyerspeak. "Legalese" is too kind a term. There is nothing easy about deciphering it. But - point well taken. Since I've never defaulted on a credit card or suffered at the hands of the late fee commander, I had no idea that my rate would jump from 6.9% APR to 37.25% if I did the dastly deed. Unfortunately, our students are hit hard if they aren't educated before buying into the credit infused society - that they only have one chance to keep their credit record impeccable. Even if after 7 years, their bad record is expunged - they have years of headache and heartache to deal with if they don't follow good credit practices. Credit unions rally. Keep the trust intact. Keep it in the family - that's why we belong to credit unions.