Benefits of Sharing Do Not Have to Conflict with Market Competitiveness

Learn a number of ways to leverage shared marketing programs to provide customized opportunities while at the same time providing the bulk savings of the cooperative spirit.


Finding true cost savings through shared marketing programs has been a difficult nut to crack for credit unions, particularly as more and more community-based credit unions identify each other as potential competitors. Many credit unions believe that giving up confidential market strategy is not always worth the cost savings benefits of sharing.

However, there are a number of ways to provide these customized opportunities while at the same time providing the bulk savings of the cooperative spirit. Examples include:

Sharing Contracts, Not Media

The majority of media properties are owned by a small number of companies. The consolidation of the media industry has mirrored the consolidation of many industries in the last 20 years. Successfully developing bargaining units between large media companies and groups of credit unions can benefit both sides in the process. The large media companies funnel credit union business through one point of contact, saving marketing and sales costs. Credit unions can gain individualized media at a fraction of market rate.

Shared Printing and Production

There are three basic ways to control printing costs – minimizing production costs, minimizing trips to the press, and achieving volume. Credit unions are massive print and production producers as a whole but as individual businesses are small-to-mid-sized producers. Leveraging contracts with parent media partners can help successfully develop aggregated buying and production units with efficient print and production houses. Again, the large print production house saves money by funneling business through one source, and credit unions gain economy and save money.


The essence of syndication is sharing – syndication is buying and selling coveted and expensive content through a franchise model, benefiting the producer with incremental revenue, and the buyer with better pricing. In January 2006 a new magazine for credit unions will launch that combines the cost savings and value of syndication and the shared printing and production process and is designed to replace the quarterly credit union member newsletter. Featuring 50% syndicated content and 50% branded custom content, the magazine will feature columnists Jean Chatsky ( Money Magazine, Today Show, and author) and famed “investing for dummies” gurus Motley Fool. Credit unions provide their own eight pages of content that would typically be included in their newsletter. In return, credit unions receive a national quality magazine under their own brand name and cover for a mere $.30 or so a copy – which includes syndication, design, layout, production, and printing.

Cooperation Doesn't Stop Here

The key to cooperating and reaping the benefits of cost savings and sophisticated services can be achieved in the credit union environment even with developing competition. The cooperative spirit in credit unions is alive and well, for which some 80 million credit union members and their improved financial well-being is proof. Providing the right opportunity for cooperating is at the heart of competitive advantage of most business serving the credit union industry. Marketing and strategic services do not have to be the exception.

About Market and Sales Logic

Nobody understands these strategies better then Market and Sales Logic (MSL), a Los Angeles-based media company dedicated to media efficiency for credit unions. MSL has conducted a number of cooperative advertising programs representing multiple credit union brands in one arena. MSL has also met the need for specialized, custom and confidential media and marketing opportunities without sacrificing the cooperative cost savings – through patent pending business methods.

Market and Sales Logic uses a patent-pending method of cooperative advertising for credit unions that achieves leverage, bulk rate pricing, and brand return. Cooperative programs in Los Angeles , San Francisco , and Silicon Valley have been launched since its inception in September of 2003. Recently signed as custom media buyers by Patelco Credit Union, Southland Credit Union, American First Credit Union, Kaiperm Federal Credit Union, Commonwealth Credit Union, San Francisco Credit Union Lockheed Credit Union and many others, Market and Sales Logic seeks to build partnerships between credit unions and media for cost efficient and highly effective communication with consumers. Founded by Kristin Witzenburg and Kristie Greenleaf, both former credit union executives, Market and Sales Logic is headquartered in the Los Angeles area. For more information call (310) 212-9950, or , or visit .



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March 14, 2005



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