Best of 2013: Deposits & Payments

Self-service, card programs, and the mobile revolution were top-of-mind in 2013.


With thousands of reads and hundreds of comments, stars, shares, and forwards, these are the most popular deposits & payments articles from 2013.

National Trends In The Payments Channel
Credit unions are finding opportunity in an increasingly diverse area of business.
By: Aaron Pugh

The Overlooked Female Market
Women may earn less than men, but they wield greater power as the family’s key financial decision maker.
By: Yun Ma

Understanding The Value Of Early Adopters
Members who more readily accept new self-service options are a market segment worth cultivating.
By Aaron Pugh

How To Build A Successful Card Program
Five steps that separate the top performers and earners from the also-rans.
By: Tim Kolk

Keeping Up With The Mobile Revolution
Whether you’re looking to streamline communication and outreach, or drive new sales activity, the answer lies in mobile.
By: Harland Financial Solutions



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Dec. 23, 2013



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